Larra's Story

Dr. Larra Shah fondly known as IshvaGuru, uses her all-embracing knowledge to help people achieve their full potential in an individual's journey toward personal and spiritual growth. A holistic healer, researcher and practitioner in Vedic Therapies and natural medicine; Larra has worked with some of the biggest names in Bollywood and society. Larra discovered her gift at a young age through which she explored her heightened awareness allowing her to see auras, spaces, future events and past lives of humans. She honed this gift through practice and study, becoming a certified yoga teacher, Aura and FengShui expert. Larra believes that she is a facilitator of change wherebyshe can sense and see to help advise you with ways to improve your life and plan your future.

Dr. Larra's growing popularity has led her to present her own television show that ran for over 64 weeks on Star News and also hosted a popular morning radio show in Dubai. She authored her first book in 2009 titled Miracle Cards, which is a DIY handbook into day-to-day living to face life's bigger questions. Post an overwhelming positive response, Larra then went on to pen The Miracle Book which provides solutions and tips on how to live a better and more holistic life.

Dr. Larra  who is a well-known name in India is a holistic healer, researcher, and practitioner in Vedic Therapies and natural medicine. She has designed a holistic module SECRETS TO “THE SEVENTH SENSE” – SEVEN STEPS TO WELLNESS TM  for those seeking professional and personal excellence. With a natural gift to be able to see auras, the past and the future. This multi-talented lady has also aced her expertise as a Certified Yoga Teacher, Geopathic Stress Healer, and a qualified Feng Shui Expert from renowned F.S.R.C Canada.

Larra’s ability to sense energies and read auras has been the guiding light in helping her clients who come from different walks of life including leading athletes, movie stars and business leaders to help them significantly improve their performance and enhance their spiritual or physical journey.

Her contribution to society has not gone unnoticed; Larra has been the recipient of multiple awards and accolades including a gold medal in 2015 from the Indian Board for her research on EMR and its effects. In 2014, Larra received the Pune Award for her support of social causes and adoption of nine villages for rural development. Larra was awarded the Ishama Award for Exemplary Work in Holistic Wellbeing and the Women's Achievers Award by the Cancer Aid Society in 2013. She is also an active member of the MAI Foundation where she works at the grass roots level to help villagers develop social enterprises and generate income. Larra has not only impacted society through her talents and gifts but has become a role model and mentor to many.

Her client base includes the who’s who of Bollywood namely Farah Khan, Gauri Khan, Hema Mailini, Chitrangda Singh, Meher Jessia, Rohit Bal, Miss Malini, Arjun Rampal to name a few and  it certainly also expands into the crème de la crème societies in countries such as USA, Canada, UK, Italy, Belgium, UAE, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, and India.

In her endeavor towards impacting society, Dr. Larra holds specialized workshops for individuals, children, and corporates with a large client base in the USA, Canada, UK, Italy, Belgium, UAE, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore and India.