Natural Medicine

Why Natural Medicine?

Seeing Different Possibilities...

Natural Medicine has roots dating back to more than 5,000 years and is considered the world's oldest and most comprehensive system of health care. "The science of life and longevity" combines ancient wisdom and practical science to not only treat disease, but bring the system of the patient back to their unique state of balance. Natural Medicine considers both physical and emotional health as key to optimal functioning and while treating the source of disease, also aims to bring to life a joyful spirit.

Natural Medicine is largely considered as a holistic and natural way to maintain an overall state of good health, restore vitality and reduce stress due to external pressures, anxiety, depression, illness, etc.

Larra has been practicing Natural Medicine for over 2 decades and believes that each individual is composed different proportions which creates a unique constitution that provides us with a psycho-physiological blueprint of our strengths and challenges. Natural Medicine provides us with multiple tools in order to communicate with our specific constitution and attach a state of natural harmony. These include nutrition, daily routine, herbs, lifestyle choices, yoga, massages, seasonal cleansing and rejuvenation programs.

The ultimate aim of Dr.Larra A Shah, with the help of Natural medicine, is to establish the ability to live every aspect of life to its fullest, in complete conscious connection to nature's infinite intelligence. She brings together a simple, practical science of self-healing that works to bring individuals into a state of harmony within themselves, their environment and the planet.