Wisdom Living


  • Wisdom living can make you healthier: a study found that in only eight weeks of training, applied meditation can boost your immune system, fight depression and reduce negative emotions and stress.

  • Wisdom living changes our brains: Meditation can increase the density of grey matter in the brain; this has been linked to learning, memory, emotional intelligence and responsiveness.

  • Wisdom living can increase focus: it has been suggested that conscious awareness can help improve memory and attention skills while tuning our distractions and keep the mind focused.

  • Wisdom living enhances relationships: with applied meditation, it has been studied that people tend to feel more hopeful and relaxed allowing them to be less judgmental and more accepting of each other.

  • Wisdom living helps you lose weight: by practice mindful eating you can develop healthier eating habits as you are more aware of what you eat, spend more time enjoying and savoring the food hence fighting obesity and over-eating.
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