"The mystique of your future, unravelled by the miracle of Larra Shah!!!"

Larra Shah

For the first time in India, famous holistic healer and tarot card reader. Larra Shah brings to you tarot cards with a difference! Miracle Cards by Larra Shah is a set of forty-two magical tarot cards that unlock the power within you.The celestial, divine, loving and powerful deities and angels will help you in every part of your life. The answers are on the cards, and will give you special insights and solutions on how to enhance your life,career, finances, health and relationships. There are powerful messages, mantras, and daily tips to help you too. Now you don’t need to learn astrology or depend on anyone for advice. With the help of Miracle Cards, you can foretell your own future and help your loved ones too. Find out how your day will be, whether you are on the right path and what will bring you success.

Each card is infused with powerful yantras that create a vibrant positive energy around them. Just keeping the cards with you is auspicious and will bring good luck. The miracle cards are the best gift to give to your loved ones and yourself. Miracles happen in every walk of life. Have faith, hope and be positive! A gifted holistic healer, Larra Shah is a famous Tarot Card reader and a television personality. She is a master at Indian and Chinese divinations like Destiny Analysis, Crystal Ball gazing, Astrology,Yantras and Mantras which she fuses to help people resolve health, wealth, education, stress, career, business and relationship issues.