Customized Workshop

One hour. 60 minutes. Doesn't seem like much does it? What if someone said you could learn how to change your life in a mere 60 minutes? In just one hour, you can learn how to facilitate change in your life with the aim of creating more happiness and abundance within you. You can plan your future and change for the better.

Sound too good to be true? Join us for an hour and see for yourself.

The "Energy Orb ®" can help you control every aspect of your life and achieve the desired results you want from your life. Once you attend one of our workshops, nothing stays ordinary anymore!
Kindly email or call for charges and details.

You can now avail corporate /schools /family and small group sessions and customized programs on request.

To know more about schedules and programs, please write to us

If you wish to speak to us call on 9322874221 (india)

USA Toll No: 1-877-493-5052