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Larra Shah

Celebrity Holistic Healer, Alternate Medicine Advocate, Life Coach & Author

World Renowned Astrologer Dr. Larra Shah combines scientific practices with ancient Vedic Philosophies to give accurate consultations. Her successful television show Bollo Tara Lara has helped her reach over 40,000+ satisfied clients. With over 15 years of experience, she aspires to create a positive impact on people’s lives around the world.

About Larra

Born with a gift of intuitive instincts and an extraordinary level of heightened awareness, Larra has made it her mission to help people achieve their full potential in life. She believes in Holistic Wellness: instilling a balance between mind, body, and soul. Her innate capabilities allow her to see auras, past, and future events of her client’s live.

Larra Shah’s Astrology Approach

Heal and Transform – The two words that Dr.Shah lives by.

It has been proven time and again that good health, prosperity, and peace of mind are inextricably linked to the energies of an individual and their premises. An imbalance in these energies could trigger constant struggles in the person’s life, draining them of vitality and resources. Dr.Shah’s goal is to transform the lives of people across the globe to help them find their true purpose, which she does through healing.

Space Healing Larra primarily believes in harnessing the auspicious energies of a space where you live or work to achieve holistic well-being for its occupants. According to her, the optimal state of all prime areas of life such as health, wealth, relationship, finance, and career help achieve complete well-being and peace of mind.

From buying a plot of land that suits the owner’s needs and personality to the planning and execution of a residential or commercial structure, she has something valuable to offer at each phase. Through her consultations, Dr.Shah educates her clients about creating a state of profound wellness by understanding the individual needs of people and arriving at solutions that best suit their particular situation.

Dr. Shah pursued the ancient study of Ayurveda and combined wellness with a wide array of disciplines, including the knowledge of Astro Science and Vedas. She honed her abilities by studying to become a certified Yoga Teacher, Energy Medicine, and F.S.R.C expert.

People from every walk of life be it celebrities, industrialists, politicians and sports persons to the common man have acknowledged the power of this ancient body of knowledge and utilized its wisdom for an abundant life.

Dr. Shah is a best-selling author who has hosted a successful television show on Star News called ‘Bollo Tara Lara’ and appeared on National and International television and radio. She is on the board of directors of ‘The Revive Foundation, where she is actively involved in sustainable empowerment. In an effort to reach as many people as she can across the world, Larra offers in-person consultations and workshops in India, Dubai, the USA, and Canada, along with online consultations and workshops worldwide.

Let Dr. Larra Shah help you realize your destiny and propel you towards a prosperous life!