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Larra Shah

Astro Tarot

Astrology is a Predictive Guiding Tool with Scientific Remedies to Enrich your Life.

Astrology is like a path to discover and know yourself better. You can use this knowledge to work on your weaknesses and enhance your strengths. You can achieve Success, Financial Growth, Good Relationships, Good Health, Career, Life Balance, and Peace using this tool.

Tarot cards help gain insight into the energy and vibrations of a person. It depicts the past, present, or future to help you plan your life path with accurate predictions.

Since birth details cannot be changed, enhancing the good elements and strengthening your birth chart is the only way to achieve your goals. There are remedies to invoke better vibrations and minimize hardships. If you have a good idea of what is in store for you in the coming year, you can plan accordingly and enrich your life.

The other significant aspect that needs consideration is that cosmic planets have an influence over your life. Each planet denotes an element eg: the Sun by Fire, the Moon by Water, the Saturn by Air, Mercury by Earth, Uranus by Air, Venus by water, Neptune by Fire, Mars by Fire, and Jupiter by Space.

Each of these planets can create trouble when they do not work in harmony. Even though some planets like Jupiter and Venus are considered benevolent, they can be very disruptive. Science evidence has now proven the effects of cosmic planets on Earth and all of us who live here.

We are connected to all of nature including the planetary energies of our solar system. You can enhance your life and achieve all you want by integrating this science and healing art.

“There is a magnificent order to the Universe and it is up to you now, what you do with this realization”.