Space Healing Therapy - Customized Solution

Space Healing

Larra Shah

Space Healing is a mix of customized corrections of planets and elements that have an effect on you and your space. Oftentimes, there is a disruption of energy in certain spaces due to electromagnetic radiation, so they require healing. A disrupted electromagnetic field of a place affects human brain waves, which can disrupt the optimum state for well-being. Space healing creates positive vibrations to improve your overall wellness.

Directions also play a vital role in the science of architecture. The teachings suggest if we respect and idolize the God energy of the Eight directions (North, South, East, West, North-East, South-East, South-West, North-West), we can invoke success, health and prosperity.

Where you spend most of your time affects your energetic body. How you think, the decisions you take, your health, and your money blueprint all is affected by the vibrations you absorb from your space.

For example, sometimes when you enter a restaurant you sit somewhere and then change your table. Although it is in the same location, you couldn’t adjust to the energy of that specific space in the restaurant. That is because every corner has its own energy.

In the universe, there are positive and negative energy waves that affect your internal clock. When you consult Dr Shah for space healing, she creates a customized solution to heal your space without requiring any structural changes to your home or office. It helps you live your dream life and enjoy good health, wealth, and success.

This is the year of Karma, and therefore it is the most vital year for you to heal your space to bring harmony, joy, and prosperity to your life.