Transformation Coach - Larra Shah

Transformation Coach

Transformation Coaching is inclusive -: Mind- Body- Soul & Applied Yogic Science.

Discovery Coaching is the science of breaking limitations; once consciousness is activated, life completely changes.
Discovery engages the mind and activates wonder and constant self-discovery.
It changes the mindset, perception, and reactions activating and promoting consciousness, equanimity, well-being, and inner peace. This leads to discovering a person’s true potential and purpose in life.

When ‘Discovery’ aspects are unified, and the core of your being is activated, you can Manifest anything effortlessly. It allows you to be vital, creative, and passionate to enhance your innate power, designed to do great things for you, your loved ones, and the world.

Larra has conducted workshops with over 3,800 people in a convention with Narendra Modi as a special guest speaker in 2010. She has continued to guide more than 5 million people with her radio, television, workshops, and social media presence for over 18 years.
She offers consultation and workshops online and in North America, India & UAE to reach people worldwide.
Larra’s goal is to continually cascade the state of complete well-being as a keen philanthropist actively involved in sustainable empowerment.

Larra’s mantra is- Heal and Transform.