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Vaastu – Space Healing

Feng Shui

It has been proven time and again that good health, prosperity, and peace of mind – the three aspects of well-being – are inextricably linked to the energies of an individual and their premises. An imbalance in a home, office, or factory energies can trigger constant struggles in the person’s life, draining health, wealth, happiness, and peace of mind.

Larra primarily believes in harnessing the auspicious energies of a space where you live or work to achieve holistic well-being for its occupants. According to her, the optimal state of all prime areas of life such as health, wealth, relationship, finance, and career can help achieve complete well-being and peace of mind.

From buying a plot of land that suits the owner’s needs and personality to the planning and execution of a residential or commercial structure, she has something valuable to offer at each phase. Through her consultations, Larra educates her clients about creating a state of profound wellbeing by understanding the individual needs of people and arriving at solutions that best suit their particular situations.

People from every walk of life, be it celebrities, industrialists, politicians, sportspersons to the common man have acknowledged the power of this ancient body of knowledge and utilized its wisdom for an abundant life.

Holistic Healing is inclusive -: Healing & Applied Yogic Science

Feng Shui – Space Healing – Geopathic Healing – Vaastu combination all encompass in one single visit or consultation with Coach Larra.

Energy Mapping & Healing at a molecular pulse level is identified for people living in a home or working in a commercial space.

It is the science of breaking limitations; once the place is checked according to the Elements- Direction – Energies, Larra guides on small practical solutions that purify the body, space, and mind, cleansing the energy pathways, promoting consciousness, equanimity, well-being, and inner peace.

If these aspects are unified, and the core of your being is activated, you can enjoy good health, financial abundance, creativity, high-frequency energy, and an inner power that is designed to do great things for you, your loved ones, and your personal goals.

Larra believes- “It takes a lot of body energy to remain angry, distressed, and worried. It takes one consultation to bring you back in balance”.