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Astro Wisdom

Feng Shui Canada, Life Transformation Coach & Author.

Larra discovered her gift of clairvoyance at a very young age and embraced it by exploring her heightened awareness and extrasensory perception. She honed her abilities and conducts Destiny Analysis with a blend of different sciences. Combining Vedic & Akashic Astrology, Tarot Cards, and Aura reading, Larra accurately predicts future events, recommends remedies, and provides guidance on overcoming challenges in any area of life. This unique method guides individuals by indicating the right timelines and happenings, offering an overview of their entire life journey.

Change Your Destiny with Astro-Tarot.

As a life coach, she also conducts 'Mentorship Programs' for youngsters and entrepreneurs, and 'Discovery Analysis' for guiding young children and adults.

Larra has predicted many events over the past 20 years that have come true. Examples include the 2008 world depression, Modi winning both terms of elections in India, Trump's win in 2016, President Biden's win in 2020, and the 2020 catastrophe as World War 3. These and various other world events are available on her YouTube channel.

She is a mystic who can see auric energy to foretell future events, and she utilizes her all-encompassing knowledge to practice Healing for Spaces and People. Larra customizes Scientific and Vedic Wisdom to spiritually guide and empower her clients to achieve their full potential in their journey towards manifesting Financial Freedom, Success, Life-Purpose, Love, Mind, Body & Spiritual growth.