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Celebrity Holistic Healer &
Manifestation Coach

Born with a natural gift of seeing a person’s Aura and Energy, Larra can predict future events and happenings. Larra can see the aura of a person or space and forecast many aspects of the future with her flair of Intuitive Instincts and an extraordinary level of heightened awareness.

Larra has predicted many events over the past 20 years that have come true. Like the 2008 world depression, Modi winning both terms of elections in India, Trump’s win in 2016 and President Biden’s win in 2020, the 2020 catastrophe as World War 3, and various such world events are available on her YouTube Videos.

She is a mystic and can see auric energy to foretell future events, and she uses her all-embracing knowledge to practice Healing for Spaces and People. She customizes Scientific and Vedic Wisdom to Spiritually Guide and Empower her clients to achieve full potential in their journey towards manifesting Financial Freedom, Success, Life-Purpose, Love, Mind, Body & Spiritual growth.


It has been proven time and again that good health, prosperity, and peace of mind – the three aspects of well-being – are inextricably linked to the energies of an individual and their premises. An imbalance in these energies could trigger constant struggles in the person’s life, draining them of vitality and resources.

Larra primarily believes in harnessing the auspicious energies of a space where you live or work to achieve holistic well-being for its occupants. According to her, the optimal state of all prime areas of life such as health, wealth, relationship, finance, and career help achieve complete well-being and peace of mind.

From buying a plot of land that suits the owner’s needs and personality to the planning and execution of a residential or commercial structure, she has something valuable to offer at each phase. Through her consultations, Larra educates her clients about creating a state of profound wellness by understanding the individual needs of people and arriving at solutions that best suit their particular situations.

People from every walk of life – celebrities, industrialists, politicians, and sports persons to the common man have acknowledged the power of this ancient body of knowledge and utilized its wisdom for an abundant life. She conducts customized consultations and workshops for overall wellness and gives guidance to corporates as well.

Astro – Tarot is a combination of Vedic Astrology and Oracle Tarot Cards to analyze a person’s chart in detail. The art and science of Jyotish or Astro Science has, from time immemorial, bringing good health and prosperity into people’s lives through optimally balancing these energies. Originally a Vedic system of knowledge, Astrology has over time crossed the borders of India to become a symbol of good living across the world.

Larra guides people from every walk of life. World influencers like Deepak Chopra, celebrities like Kapil Dev, Hema Malini, Zeenat Aman, Shaina-NC, Jayant Advani, Arjun Rampal, Mozez Singh, Shobha De, Gauri Shahrukh, Suzanne Roshan, Mohinder Amarnath, Poonacha, Rohit Bal, industrialists, politicians, and such have acknowledged the Power of Holistic Healing for a life of Abundance, Prosperity, and Good Health.

Larra has hosted a successful television show on the Star News channel ‘Bollo Tara Lara’, ABP News show called ‘Khush Kisamat’, and appeared on National and international television and radio. Larra offers consultation and workshops in North America, India & Dubai to reach out to people worldwide. Larra is a renowned TV Host, Space Healing Practitioner, F.S.R.C Canada, & Author.

Larra’s goal is to continually cascade the state of complete wellness as a keen philanthropist actively involved in sustainable empowerment.

Larra’s mantra is Heal and Transform.