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Larra on Television and Radio

I've been fortunate to serve as a broadcaster on both radio and television, inspiring and connecting with millions of individuals.

A unique show called “DRIVE THRU LIFE with Larra” is a car conversation show with Super Stars, designed to empower people in a wildly visual and entertaining way. With more than 18 years of experience in the media industry, I am delighted that my unwavering goal of reaching as many people as possible has endured. Through my well-received breakfast radio show in Dubai, which ran for over 4 years, the weekly Star TV show ‘Bollo Tara Lara’, and the engaging "Monday Miracles with Larra and Miss Malini" in Mumbai, as well as a weekly interactive TV show ‘Hum Tum Aur Business’ in the USA, I have consistently connected with diverse audiences across various platforms.

Larra’s life story of astounding transformation has inspired a progressive lesson she offers to the world. Her unique gift allows her to share insights with people, teaching them how to tap into their true power of potential and resilience through any life challenge. Her 1-minute tools are unforgettable, and she is a powerhouse on stage that will engage and captivate any audience. Her life analysis, workshops, and shows offer easy solutions to a life full of abundance, good health, and joy.

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