Discovery Analysis - Larra Shah

Discovery Analysis

Discovery Analysis by Holistic Healer Larra Shah Change Your Destiny

‘Discovery Analysis’: The technology of Psychology, Science, and Holistic Methods to amplify your ‘True Potential.’
Discovery Report is a guiding tool into the ‘probable future’ for children and adults.
This can help you know – what is in store for you and plan your life in accordance.
Most people regret they didn’t know things about themselves and followed the wrong choice. Be it education, career path, business, life partner, marriage, country to live in, and such.
Discovery Report helps you see your strengths and weakness; it provides solutions to enhance the best version of yourself.
Discovery Report gives you clear timelines to implement the action of what, how, and when.
Coach Larra discovered her gift of clairvoyance at a young age and explored her heightened awareness and extrasensory perception. She uses her ‘all-embracing knowledge to empower people to manifest their full potential in the journey toward Mind, Body & Spiritual growth.
A combination of the above helps achieve insights into one’s life and solutions.
The analysis is arrived at by Vedic methods, aura check, and elemental qualities of a person.
Not everything is stars and planets; the intention of a person and karma also play an important aspect in shaping one’s life journey.
Discovery Analysis is the catalyst for change that will help you improve your confidence, clear all confusion, and guide you to make life decisions with a strategy.
Discovery Analysis will be your guiding tool – to achieve a mind-body-spirit practical framework that you can implement to change your life.
Right Decisions at the Right Time can help …You can change your Destiny with guidance and hard work.
PS: if your child is over five years of age, now is the time.