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Discovery Analysis


Discovery Analysis: The technology of Psychology, Science, and Holistic Methods to amplify your ‘True Potential. The collective recovery of mind, body, and soul is a journey Dr. Shah facilitates for any individual that seeks her consultation. Discovery Analysis is a guiding tool into the ‘probable future’ for children and adults. This can help you know what is in store for you, and plan your life accordingly. Most people regret they didn’t know things about themselves and followed the wrong choice. Be it education, career path, business, life partner, marriage, country to live in, and such. Let 30 min be the best time of your life. A manifesto to keep for life – A complete new you.

Resilience, Roadblocks & The Power to Overcome – the key strategic advantage to overcome any obstacle or challenge in your life. ‘Just like how weather forecasts tell you if it will snow or rain, Discovery Analysis helps you see what is likely to happen in the future for you’.

Stars and Planets affect our emotions, moods, and reactions, if you know what is awaiting you for the next few weeks you can be prepared on how to handle it.

YOU are a Diamond in the rough – full of potential.

To find oneself – to find a life purpose – to find your true potential – it can take a lifetime or many failures. But what if you knew early on about all your superpowers? Wouldn’t it change your life or the life of your child? When a child is born, nobody knows he will be famous or a criminal or will he play for the Olympics or run a billion-dollar business. So how does one train a child to be their best in this competitive world. Or How do you change your life?

She uses the all-pervasive holistic methods to analyze a person’s hidden powers, talents, and skills. She helps discover and heighten positive traits and how to handle the weakness in a person. How to overcome the shortfall, surge ahead with confidence, and accomplish life dreams and goals.

Larra has the ability to sense energies and help people change their own lives. The things that happen to you can be considered your destiny but what if you had the chance to map your own course?

Discovery Analysis helps you see your strengths and weaknesses, it provides solutions to enhance the best version of yourself.

Discovery Analysis gives you clear timelines to implement the action of what, how, when.

There are planets and stars that rule our birth chart. Each of these carries a number and specific qualities according to ancient astrology, as well as western numerology. The science of ‘Chi’ defines our life timelines, core nature strengths, and weaknesses etc.

A combination of the above helps achieve insights into one’s life and solutions. The analysis is arrived at by complete birth details, aura check, and elemental qualities of a person. You cannot change your birth details but with specific remedies, a lot can be achieved.

Not everything is stars and planets, the intention of a person and karma also play an important aspect in shaping one’s life journey.

Discovery Analysis is the catalyst for change that will help you improve your confidence, clear all confusion, and guide you to take life decisions with a strategy.

Discovery Analysis will be your guiding tool – to achieve a mind-body-spirit practical framework that you can implement to change your life.

“Right Decisions at the Right Time can help ...You can change your Destiny with guidance and hard work.”

PS: if your child is over five years of age, now is the time.