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Unlocking Your Brain’s Potential: A Journey into the World of Brain Waves

    “The human brain is a funny thing: it’s very susceptible to tempo and melody. You put the right words to it, and it becomes very influential.”

    – Fabrizio Moreira

    Did you know that your thoughts can be mapped and read?

    While science is still figuring out how the brain thinks, new technology has surfaced to now enable to map your thoughts and how the brain works.

    In the sacred texts, the gross and subtle co-exist, so the Manasa and Buddhi means the brain and the mind co-exist and work in unison.

    ❖ Think of the brain as a mobile phone that has reception from mind; think of the mind as the Wi-Fi.

    Neuroscientists have been studying brainwaves using the electroencephalograph; it has probes that do not touch the head and are outside. To their wonder; it is able to map the vibration waves that are outside of the brain. Based on the health and emotions of an individual, the waves alter their frequency. In brain wave mapping, several experiments have proven that ‘your emotions, thoughts, feelings are all interconnected and form wave patterns’.

    Are you feeling emotional or creative blocks? The brain is an electrochemical organ; you can be sharp-witted and ecstatic on a date, creative and focused at work-hours or serene and relaxed at yoga. And yet you hear yourself saying I can’t do this, there is nothing that you cannot do, say the brain research scientists now. Yes, if you decide or you perceive it’s not for you that’s a personal choice.

    ❖ If we learn about the electromagnetic patterns of the brain, we can optimize greater peace, productivity and general wellbeing. These waves have their own frequency that categorises each.


    human mind brainwaves

    The five Brain waves and its effects according to my research.

    • Gamma Brainwaves: These are the fastest measurable EEG brainwaves, like when you are processing a lot of information, multi-tasking, fight or flight mode.
    • Beta Brainwaves: When you are working in a safe environment, discussions, making decisions, active conversations, alert, normal state.
    • Alpha Brainwaves: When you are in synchronicity with the universal energies in awareness and doing something you enjoy or love to do.
    • Theta Brainwaves: Semi-aware and yet in unison with your internal body and spirit. Change in habits, great innovative ideas can be programmed. This state is just as you are about to fall asleep and before the subconscious takes over.
    • Delta Brainwaves: These are the slowest of all the brain waves. Everybody wants to be healthy, happy and successful and this can happen if you can learn how to train your mind, invariably using a specific brave wave to achieve optimum results. In a deep meditative state, you can change the deep self-limiting fears, self-sabotaging behaviors and habits.

    ❖ 5 tips I highly recommend that can help you achieve your optimal potential state.

    Head and neck massage: it can stimulate certain meridians that can help circulation, oxygen flow, de-stress and awaken creativity in that relaxed state.

    Brain Exercises: Regular teasing the right and left hemisphere with small challenging exercises can be very effective for those Aha-moments.

    Memory games, puzzles, treasure hunt can tantalize your thoughts away from stress and allow moments of creativity that increase passion and exuberance.

    A daily 15 to 30 minutes of activity that you are passionate about like painting, singing, playing a musical instrument. Sex, healthy flirting, learning something new, anything that creates moments of ecstasy and self-appreciation.

    Meditation, yoga, pranayama, mantra chanting, practicing a yog kriya can all be beneficial for having a positive outlook of life, increasing your immunity, and enjoying moment to moment in the present.

    “Energy is the language spoken by your body.”

    ❖ Your brain sends bioelectric signals to your organs and muscles through the nerve pathways in your body.

    I humbly suggest, structure your life in a way that you can work towards emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. This is the time to evolve in your daily practices with the help of your brain waves. You have already taken the first step by reading this article. Stay Healthy, Happy, and Ecstatic.

    Dr. Larra Shah