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Larra’s edge-to-edge ‘Transformation Coaching’ mission empowers you to create an abundant, successful, and wildly fulfilling life.

The ‘Discovery’ program inspires people of all ages for personal missions and goals that lead to clear life decisions, financial, emotional, and career success…

What people love about Larra


Discovery analysis helps you identify your strengths and weakness; it provides solutions to enhance your ‘life path to achieve your life goals’. It is incredibly simple, easy to follow, and

Astro Tarot
Astro Tarot
Astrology Horoscope, Discover your strengths and when and how to manifest your dream life.
Astro Vastu
Astro Vastu
Personalized Horoscope of a home, balancing the elements with ease and no structural changes.

Celebrities. Influencers & everyone else.


Satisfied clients, with over 15 years of experience.

Larra aspires to create a positive impact on peoples lives around the world.

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